Times Looking Glass???

I worry if what I feel and seem to know is but a fiction
Is my world so unreal I must create another

No! I feel I have seen a truth behind the fiction,
Hidden behind times revolving door

I am not him, yet at times he seems to be looking through my eyes
You are not her, still he sees her in you

I feel his waves of feeling, wash across times ocean
Rolling in to lay soft upon my life’s shore

I wonder if he and I stand on apposite sides of times looking glass
Playing out different roles on times endless stage

A different place in another time, a different act
Dawning different masks too play upon that other’s stage

On his side he my touch her, hold her and whisper loves sweetest words
I may not hold her on my side, nor may I whisper loves sweetest words


If I could become a puff of smoke, or the fog riding upon the oceans morning mist
I could wrap you in my embrace, caressing, touching all of you at once

I could then share my deepest thought’s through a souls embrace
Yet I am only man, made of simple flesh, left with only simple words

I look at you and what I see is beautiful
I had thought of saying you are gorgeous

But gorgeous is skin deep, beautiful is person
You are vivid, compelling and dynamic

Most of all your caring, love and compassion
Shine from you like a morning light, all bright and beautiful

JH Smith

Mornings Lady

As I lay here listening to the early morning silence
I’m reminded of you by the soft and shining early morning light

The same kind of light I see shining out when I look at you
Though a gulf of time and miles lay between us, this early morn

I wish I could but send you a part of my soul, on the wings of this morning light
Have you catch it, hold it close, then take this part of me deep inside of you

Let your soul wrap around mine, so you might see you through my eyes
Then you could see what a special, precious person you are

I wish you could keep forever this essence of me deep inside of you
So when life’s storm clouds pile up and the fog rolls in

Though I May not be here, you might again look upon yourself through my eyes
To see you, a bright and shining star

JH Smith
Aug 2010

Living Memorial

They stand at the feet, the feet of the mighty mountain Shasta
Women and men of iron, bigger than life their shadow cast

They hold memories, lost dreams, life lost but remembered
Lives changed forever, the tear of a small child for a Daddy gone

The Nurses who cared for us all, The Prisoner and Mia
Iron men and women, who stand under summer heat and winter storm

They hold within them the story of mans cruelty to man, the why
The why of war, why shed my brothers blood, why do I fear my brother
Coming Home
They hold within them love for sons, husbands and daughters lost Despair for some who were there, peace and understanding for others who saw the blood flow

Mighty Shasta look well after these men and women of iron for among them walk
The shadows of dreams of those left behind, the love remembered for the love lost

Among the iron people you may brush a hand, no one is there, hear words, a voice has not spoken
Spirits of the fallen warrior walk here where they can remember, close to those left behind

A few soft notes from a wooden flute echo a tribute among the people, from one who was there
We remember brothers, yes we remember, but too soon we will be gone then who is to care

They hold our memories the iron people of the Living Memorial Sculpture Garden
May they stand forever, watched over by the mighty Shasta, we will not be forgotten

JH Smith
© Sept. 2010

How I wish

How I wish to touch you
Be close enough to feel your hair brush my face

How I wish to hear the bells in your voice, when you say my name
Just brush your hand when I’m walking close to you

Oh! Milady how I wish I could say words
To brighten your day, make the worlds troubles go away

How I wish that I might love you
Holding you so close we might feel as one

How I wish my heart could be entangled with your’s
Our souls could touch, holding each other as we have never been held before

How I wish Milady That we could make love together
Touching and showing care, laughing and talking, two being as one

Oh! Milady, how I wish to push back all your darkness
keeping them forever at bay

Thank you Milady, when you are near you let my heart live again
filling my darkness with light

JH Smith
© May 2010

Bleeding through time
JH Smith

We come to walk a random life, or so we do believe
Be born, to live, to love, to die
May hap our lives are guided, only ourselves do we deceive
Bleeding through time, these memories I ply

So often I wonder how many times have we walked side by side
Shadows of memories, reflect from your eye
Where have we been, what have we done as through time we ride
Bleeding through time, these memories I ply

Have we held each others back, sword in hand as around the battle raged
When did I hold you in my arms and listen to your lover’s sigh
Perhaps as enemies we stood, on another life page
Bleeding through time, these memories I ply

To look upon an others face and see someone else standing there
Lost memories, clutched to me, remember, I try
Who are they, these souls to whom I feel so close I ask, do I dare
Bleeding through time, these memories I ply

The path we walk we’ve chosen, long before we came
Dreams and shadows stalk, through sleepless nights though I try
I oft wonder how many times I’ve known you, but by an other’s name
Bleeding through time, these memories I ply

Above and below, around, fore and aft, layers of time surround us
Free will we are born with, rings our battle cry
Memories new, memories old, controlling, not us I trust
Bleeding through time, these memories I ply

We come to the end after our trail is run, our story told
When it’s done, too late to cry
We wrote our own path, sang our song so old
Bleeding through time, these memories I ply