So Many Love this Cat Food

I was Having problems with my cats not eating their hair ball control cat food.

So I went to my Vets office, Lithia Springs Veterinary Care and asked if they had a cat food that my cats would eat.

They had started to carry a dry cat  food made by WellnessŪ.

I got a small bag and took it home and fed my cats.

I left the bag of food in my outside shed.

And had a few visitors besides the cats, the same night.

Everything seems to love this food.

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The Rat found it, it's coming out of the sack


The Cat said, this new food is great


Racooon showed up. Hey Someone left the cat food sack out , look whats spilled on the floor.


Wow! It's that new Wellness® dry cat food the guy's on the creek have been talking about


Possum could not be left out. This looks good, I see there is some left for me.


Skunk's here. Ok! Guys clear the floor I'm taking over.


Good stuff! I'll even lick the inside of the sack clean.


Pictures taken with a trail cam set up in a storage shed

So I could see what came to visit each night

I just didn't think to put the new cat food away

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