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God Made Her

"What can be perfection?" God asked of himself

He pondered this thought, for all he had done was perfection in and of it's self.

Souls of men and women, numbers beyond the scores.

Had been passing forever down beyond heavens doors.

Then a thought touched him, rambled around in his mind.

He would make a special woman, just one of a kind.

First came the body, perfection beyond compare.

He topped her off with the most beautiful silky wavy hair.

Eyes the color of the sea and sky mixed, like none other you'll ever see.

Skin, creamy white and soft as the morning mist.

Full red lips, that just waiting there asking for a kiss.

Then he sat back, feeling warm and good inside.

For in this his creation, he took the upmost pride.

But something was wrong, there seemed with her to be something gone.

So he thought and pondered, then he knew, it didn't take long.

He had left them out, a simple oversight, she had no feelings inside.

So he took his good feeling and on a breath of warm air, gave them to her with just a touch of pride.

He knew each person she passed would feel her warmth and love when they looked in her eyes.

To men she would seem as a little girl innocent, a sophisticated lady, all their dreams realized.

Women would see her as the lost friend, found with in whom to confide their deepest secrets and dreams.

Now I sit and pounder Gods creative dream, she is here with me now, or so it seems.

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