My Lady

My Lady, I kneel now at your bed
Every prayer I know, have I said
I hold your hand so frail and white
In my life you have been my greatest light
My Lady don’t leave me now
It is I first, who should have gone
All battle scared and worn
If you leave me now
From my chest, my heart shall be torn
You smile, and whisper to me so clear
I’m leaving now, please have no fear
When you need me, stop and listen
I‘ll always be near
Now, I have never felt such great despair
I sit and hold your hand thorough out the night
They come and take you away with the morning light
Your wrapped up in a blanket now, O so tight
A blanket the color of the trees, It seemed so right
I carry you now into the Glen
In which from our youth many, an hour have we been
To lay beneath the trees on a blanket there
And pretend we had no care
I take you now one last time, to lay beneath the trees
I lay you in the most beautiful spot, that I can see
A year has gone since you went away
I visit the Glen and you most everyday
I sit beneath the trees alone
And let my tears fall on your stone
Then I smile, for I feel your hand upon my brow
And hear your whisper in my ear
It’s alright, soon we’ll be together again my dear

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