Lady Of The Glen

Who are you my Lady?
That you walk so boldly through my mind.

Surely there can be no other like you.
You have got to be one of a kind.

I see you only in my dreams at night.
You smile at me, it seems your from another time.

I find you in a small glen, with flowers in your hair.
Sitting or walking by the stream or under the trees there.

Your smile, your eyes the most beautiful I have ever seen.
Your voice, so soft and pure it makes the song birds sing.

Why must you be a Lady from a dream.
To you, no other can compare.

I touch your hand, my breath is taken away by the sweetness that is you.
My heart beats fast, how lucky to know someone like you loves me too.

It seems within my dream you and I have always cared.
As we grew up, for me you were always there.

To you my Lady, I pledge my sword forever and a day.
For you I would gratefully lay my life at your feet, I’ll never go away.

But alas you’re only a lady from a dream.
Except to me you seem so real, I can touch you it seems.

I know not your name, or from where you come this day.
If I could come to you, I would be on my way.

How can a dream seem the truth and life the fiction?
A figment of my imagination you must be, still to you I have an addiction.

When I see you, I know with you is where I should be.
With you I can be, only in my dreams it seems.

So hold me one last time before I awake.
We can say it’s just, for old times sake.

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