Some Information about me

A small introduction to myself and my web page. I have lived most of my life in Oregon. I live on a small farm and have all kinds of animals. One of them my shadow, Jasper is a Schipperke dog. I can't go anyplace without him being there. Most of the time right in the middle of whatever I'm doing. Check out his web page.

I have been putting my thoughts down on paper for a good many years. They were for myself and friends to read only. Then a friend read some of my poems and said I should put them on-line for others to read.

Some of these poems are about Viet Nam some Cowboy Poetry. Make up your mind where the others belong. They're the ones that just dropped down out of thin air on to my paper. They don't all express my thoughts on a given subject, but sounded good at the time. Read at your own risk, as some of the poems are graphic in nature. Only a few of my poems will be on-line. And remember my web pages are a place for me to play with my writing and my graphics. I hope they will also be a place that others can enjoy.

I hope to keep my page updated on a regular basis. I wish I had more time to edit my pages and stories, so forgive the misplaced words and words the spell checker changed that I didn't catch. After all this page is just for fun. Thanks for coming and enjoy.

All poems are copyrighted. You my use them if proper credit is given. Feel free to comment good or bad on the web page or the poems. Feedback can be helpful.

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