A Single Rose

Hello and goodbye not needed for some, they are always with us to stay.
Near or far, never seen again in this time, they affect us in many ways.

A warrior falls in a far off land, down as the battles just begun.
Doing what his country asked, no one to mourn him, Wife, Daughter nor Son.

Only those who called him friend, warriors all, brothers of the gun.
What last thoughts crossed his mind, was it should I have stood or run?

Fisherman then Warrior,Ē When Iím through hereĒ he said ďagain a Fisherman Iíll be.Ē
With The ocean below, he sleeps now on a hill overlooking his beloved sea.

Years have passed, Iím older now, with me life has had itís way.
Still I see him in my mind young, always the same, as on that last day.

Over the years I have gone to him to talk and just sit from time to time.
Friendship all that matters, then as now little to say, many things on the mind.

How would the world have changed, if that day it had been I not he that found their end?
Weíre not to know, as time goes itís way.

But for now, a single red rose I bring to lay, remembrance of a friend.

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