Sharon my love

Paper is hard to come by and yet I find I need to put words on paper somehow it makes me feel closer to you. Many of us are sick, short of good food made to march too many days without proper shoes except what we can savage from the dead after each of our battles. This war between brothers that was going to only last a few days it seems will be going on for years. It seems to matter not if the uniform is grey or blue those of us who are crawling in the mud or baking in the sun only want one thing and that is to stay alive one more battle, last one more day and perhaps the day will come when we can come home.
But I wonder will those waiting at home want us back after we have been, bloodied and broken by this thing they call a rightious war.

Stay forever beautiful my love

Sharon Love

I lay at night wondering if I ever again will see you and our farm. I know all the horses are gone and I have no idea where we will get replacements for them if and when I ever get home. This war is bad enough then I remember how hard it was for us to get a start with the blooded stock, now that’s all gone. They said it was for the war effort they were taking the horses, how much do we need to give for this effort that has put brother against brother.
Today we lay for hours in a ditch half full of water, it rained and the wind blew. Most of the men were just trying to stay warm and not worried so much about dying as staying warm.
The bullets they give us need to be loaded by biting off the end of a paper cartridge, then we load the powder and spit the ball into the rifle. The powder makes us drink a lot of water, it drys the mouth out to the point it’s hard to swallow.
Remember Billy Johnston, well his wife Beth is a widow now, so I guess she will be raising the three kids by herself unless she can find herself another man.
Pray for me, not so much that I come home alive, but that I come home a man you still recognize.
I love you, I will love you next year and I will love you a hundred years from now. I will know you then when I touch your hand we will be as we have always been.

Stay beautiful my love