The Letters

This is a group of letters that could have been written between two people in most any war. Each in their own way is reaching for support from the other and also giving support. He most of all depends on her to keep going.

His Letter One His Letter Two Her Letter One
His letter Three Her Letter Two His Letter Four
His Letter Five His Letter Six His Letter Seven

Birthday Letter
Although different I believe this letter belongs with the others.

His letter One


My dearest Lady

I sit alone in my tent tonight.

Writing this letter, by flickering candle light.

It's been so long since I've seen your face.

I must let my memories of you, take its place.

When the nights are quiet, all my thoughts are of you.

You're what keeps me going, and the good times we knew.

This war I fight, for too long has kept me away.

When the fighting is over, I shall return to you that very day.

The white ribbon you tied to my arm the day I rode away.

It 's still where you tied it, but now it's tattered and gray.

It reminds me of the flower I picked today, a rose of white.

If I could hand you this rose, your face would fill with delight.

I gaze at this rose of white. The delicate softness reminds me of you.

At night I feel you reach out and touch me, I know you think of me too.

The things we do and see here, soon make a young man grow old.

There is also great bravery, stories that some day must be told.

So my dear until I return, I shall hold you in my heart, always near.

Take care now don't cry, for me don't shed a tear.

Our family needs you strong while I'm away.

They depend on you and need your care day to day.

Our souls have touched and hold each other true, yours and mine.

A promise, to you I shall return and love you through the end of time.

Love always

Your Knight

His Letter Two


My dearest Lady

Again I sit in my tent tonight.

Writing this to you, by candle light.

I need you, it's been so long since I've seen your face.

Memories of you, are what lets me keep my mind in place.

The battle we fight was joined today.

I have never seen anything as bad, I fell on my knees to pray.

The young men I brought with me turned old this day.

The things they have seen and done, things they will never say.

Have I done right to ask these young men to fight and die.

I feel old, for most of these men are no younger than I.

If when I return I'm bent and gray.

It's because of the things I have seen this day.

The things we do and see here, made these young men grow old.

There are also great deeds, stories that some day might be told.

This war, for too long from home has kept me.

When the fighting is over, I shall return to you, fast as can be.

The white ribbon from your hair, you tied to my arm the day I went away.

I carry it now close to my heart, but now it's tattered and gray.

Hold our children close, kiss them for me.

They will not know me, when again their father they see.

Do not cry or shed a tear for me.

The battle we fight is so men can be free.

I am sorry for telling you these things of war, my dear.

I must confide in someone, in my heart I always feel you near.

It seems my days and my letters are all much the same.

I don't know who wanted this war, but it's a cruel game.

Keep you face always smiling, it's so pretty that way.

I will end this letter as usual, I promise to write another day.

Our souls have touched and hold each other true, yours and mine.

A promise, to you I shall return and love you through the end of time.

Love always

Your Knight

Her Letter One



My dearest Knight:

My dearest love, I think of you always. It seems so long since you and the other men left home. How I wish none of this had to happen.

I got both letters you sent today. I see they were written several days apart but arrived the same day . Thank you for writing it helps to hear about you and the other men. I shall tell their families that I received word from you and that things are going well.

Now about you, take heart my dear. The things you see have been seen before and people will see them again. You had no choice but to take the men and go when you were called. My heart aches for you, I know how responsible you feel for all your men and the ones left here at home.

We can take care of ourselves while you are gone. After all don't I keep you in line when you are home ( smile).

Now to the important part of the letter, you can read this part time and again, as I know you will. I lay in my bed at night and feel as if I am only half here without you by my side. I have loved you for so long I don't know how to live if you are not here with me. As I lay in the dark I let my feelings reach our and try to touch you wherever you may be. So often I can feel you, I sense your thoughts especially when you think of me. Hold me in your dreams tonight and I will hold you also, may we in this way breach the miles that for now keep us apart. We will be together again soon, this I know. You are my love, my life and only reason for living so come back to me soon, I shall wait for you forever if need be. But always remember, I shall be here for you when you return.

The children are fine, they ask about you and when you are coming home. They also don't understand what a war is. I hope none of them will ever have to find out for themselves. I tell them you will be home just as soon as you can and not to worry.

I know this is a short writing but I want to get it sent back to you as soon as I can. I have many more things to tell you. Most will have to wait until you get home

I shall never say goodbye to you my love, even in a letter. So until I see you again, as you come riding through the gates of our home.

I love and will always hold you dear.

Your Lady

His letter Three


My Dearest Lady;

Today I have time to write before the sun goes down.

We have moved, we are now just outside of a small town.

I got your letter, I have read it so many times I no longer need look at the page when I read.

Thank you, I depend on your support, you have always been there in my time of need.

There has been a let up in the fighting and most of us are doing well.

Still I can't give you an idea of when we shall return home, it's hard to tell.

I know you must laugh, because I try to write my letters to you in rhyme.

It reminds me of when we were young, lets my mind travel to a better time.

Now a story I must tell, I was wounded in the leg, it was bad.

It's ok now they packed it with milk curd and the infection is gone, smile don't be sad.

I do not want you to worry, anymore than you must.

I just needed to tell you, I need your support so much, your someone I love and trust.

When I was so sick with the infection running wild, I could feel you near.

It was as if you were there, held my hand and talked to me, told me I had nothing to fear.

Although I know you are many miles away.

Somehow you came to me and saved my life on that day.

I know you are fine, I can feel you near at night when all is quiet.

But I must ask how are the children? Are the fields being taken care of?

You are the love of my life and through out all time.

I must end as always, telling you I love you, I'm yours and your mine.

Even though I know you are fine, how! are you! my Lady dear.

How I wish to hold your hand and draw your body near.

Our souls have touched and hold each other true, yours and mine.

A promise, to you I shall return and love you through the end of time.

Love always

Your Knight


Her Letter Two


My Dearest Knight;

My love, I do laugh every time I read your letters in rhyme. I must say you are improving with your rhymes, from when we were younger that is.

All of us at home are doing find. The biggest problem we have is the lack of strong young men to do the heavy work. But we manage to get it done somehow.

I would like to avoid this next part, but you told me of the wound to your leg. I would like to feel that you are invincible, but I know this can't be true. As to the wound in your leg, you always say we feel what the other feels even though were far apart.The day you were wounded I was walking in the garden when a great pain entered my leg. I fell to the ground gasping in pain. The two boys were with me and ran for help, by the time they returned I knew it was not myself that had been hurt, but that something had happened to you. The days that followed I spent mostly by myself, the only thought on my mind was for you to get well and return home. I wish I could have come to you, but knew I could not. As I could not let you know that I knew and that I had felt your hurt, for this would only have caused you to worry about me and I am one worry you don't need.

I am here waiting for your return, I will be here for you no matter how long you are away.

As you so laughingly have said so many times. I too feel our souls have touched and we each hold each other true. So I will be here even if I turn out to be old and gray. I know the time you have been away has not been all that long, but to me it seems as an eternity.

This is just a short note, when I have so many things I would like to say. So keep yourself safe until we're together again. Even in a letter or note I shall never tell you goodbye. I shall always hold you close to my heart, love you and hold you dear.

Your Lady;

His Letter Four


My dearest Lady;

I so beg your forgiveness for telling you what I am about to say.

The fighting has been bad today many of our young men will not return.

I'm sorry I can not seem to make this letter rhyme as I so like to do.

I needed someone to talk to, the only one close enough to me is you.

Even in a letter when you're far away, you're the only thing that keeps me alive day to day.

I cried today as I have never cried before, twenty of our young men will return home no more.

The fight was bad, I know not one of our men who did not shed some blood.

I wish so much I had said lets run and hide, but a coward I could not be, If only I had maybe.

But I did not, so twenty young men lie on a hill top now, where they will always be.

I walked by, touched each of the young mens hands.

Promised them their families would always be safe on our lands and have a home.

I put on my best greens, I had the pipes play them home as we lay them down.

I dare tell no one but you, I sang them on myself with words and songs from the old language.

My Lady how do I tell their families now, I felt I could bring them all home somehow.

The only thing good is I'm told the war is mostly over now, some day soon we can all go home.

If not for you at home my Lady, I feel I would run the other way.

Maybe I would have been lucky if I had been one of those who here will always stay.

Their pain is over, the rest of us our pain is new and will last tell our dying day.

I know I have said some of these things to you before, but today there has been like no other.

I cried so hard the front of my blouse was wet as if it had rained. Needless I say, needless.

Wars, fighting, blood shed there must be some other way.

I shall never be able to hear the pipes play a mournful song,

That I shall not cry and think of the men we lay down here today.

Now my Lady I know you have been well and the children I understand have been too.

You said in your letter all was well, sorry you felt the pain of my leg wound.

I had a feeling you would but I couldn't do anything about it.

I still feel it was you by my side that kept me alive, if not for you, I would here have stayed.

I read your letters tell the paper falls apart, by then they are all imprinted on my heart.

I am well, I shall come home unaided, so do not worry anymore than you must.

I wish I did not tell you these things, but you're the strength I lean on day to day.

I have my senses about me enough to answer my letter as always, see you soon I hope.

My dearest love our souls have touched and hold each other true, yours and mine.

A promise, to you I shall return and love you through the end of time.

Love always

Your Knight

His Letter Five

My dearest Lady

Hello my love. I have the grandest news, we are coming home. I am sending this note on ahead. I know I shall be several days behind it. But you can tell the others the fighting is over and we are coming home.

Most that came with me are coming home. Out of the group I came with we lost thirty six. All the families of the lost already know, the rest are coming home.

I know you will, but make sure we have a grand home coming. These young men have given so much. They need to be shown how much they are needed and loved back home. Leave the latch string out as I will be there before you know it. I shall not even end this letter as Always, the next sweet things I say to you will be to your face. Hold out your hand, I will shortly be holding it.

Your Joyous


                                                    His Letter Six

                                                               Returned home, How?


My Dearest Lady

I feel itís almost sad that all these months I have been away, my only way of telling you things was to write them in a letter. Now Iím my first day home and I sit in the half dark writing to you again by candle light when you are only steps away in the other room.

When I laid my eyes on you today the feeling went through me that no matter the time, I had never nor would ever see anything so beautiful. As I held you in my arms, I knew I was holding the part of me that had been missing all those long months.

I know Iím not the same man who went away, so many months ago. The lines in my face are deeper, my eyeís are sunken and seem to look out at the world from a place far away.

I know you saw this when we first touched today. I not only saw the happiness in your face, because of all of us coming home, but I also saw the sadness in your eyeís when you looked into mine and felt my hurt.

It is so good to be home, but somehow it doesnít seem right spending the night under a roof.

Then tonight as we sat talking by the fire, with only the fire light and a few candles, I guess everything just hit me. The hurt, the coming home, the relief itís all over and I started to cry. I thought what she must think, my first night at home and here I am crying like a baby.

Then you reached out, took my hand and pulled me across to you. I fell on my knees on the floor buried my face in your lap and sobbed, all the time clutching my arms around your legs like a small child holding to itís mother.

And what do you do? You hold my head slowly stroking it with your hands as you rock me back and forth, saying all the time itís ok now itís ok.

Thank you my dear for being here. I have often said you know and understand me better than I know myself.

So why do I write this now? I will put it away and perhaps someday after Iím gone you shall find it and understand how very special you are. Or perhaps we will read it together, someday and remember.

Your Knight


Birthday Letter

My dearest Lady;

Happy Birthday!
I wish it were so that I could be with you, on this day.
But alas, I can not cross the gulf of space and time between us.
I would barrow an angels wings and fly to your side, if I could but stay.
So my message comes by courier, a man I most trust.
Again your twenties, thirties are behind.
Now, forty puts you at the helm.
Once more, Happy Birthday on this special day.
Much wiser you now have entered a special realm.
How lucky, forty years since you came to earth for a stay.
So look now, in the magical mirror of life, it's so plain to see.
You have never been more alive and beautiful than you are this day.
Some are old from the day they are born, it's the only way they can be.
You're one of the blessed, no matter the years, you forever young will stay.

Were I never in this life to lay eyes on you again
You shall remain a part of my heart and soul forever

Love always

Your Knight



                                                   His Letter Seven


                                                                   Many years at home

Dearest Lady

This night I sit here again alone thinking of no one but you. I have oft wrote you in poems but tonight I canít make my the rhyme come. That is ok for tonight I am only alone and wishing for your company. This night unlike others I am not at a war. The wars are long in the past, although they seem as if only yesterday. How many times have I written you while gone not knowing if I would return, well this time I know we shall be together again. For as I write this I am preparing for my journey home to see you and the children again. The business I went to the southland to do is soon at an end and I will be coming home, hopefully not to leave the north again. I miss the cold wind off the sea and the clear skies at night with stars so bright one can see the palm of your hand . Last night I heard you cry out in my sleep even though we are days apart. I sat up awake, it was about the time the cock crows at the false dawn. The rest of the night I lay there thinking of you and worrying as to how you are. This day came and still I worry. What could have made me hear your call in the night? it was much more than any dream. So now I am most in a rush to get home. If only I could reach across the miles and touch your hand, all I ask in this life is to be allowed to stand by your side.

I just went for a short walk since I wrote the last part of this note. I find if I am alone in the night, close to the stars I can believe I hear you thinking. We have always been as one mind be we near or far. What can I do but come home at the fastest means I can find, for I feel the ache in your heart and I know not why. Could it be trouble with one of the children? Our could it be I have just been gone for too long a time? No matter, I am leaving at once for home. I will mail this letter, but perhaps I will beat it there.

If I am not home when you read this, just squeeze your right hand you will find mine holding yourís. I will defy space and time to reach you across any gulf, if you need me I will be there. I must end this as always my love.

My dearest love our souls have touched and hold each other true, yours and mine. A promise, to you I shall return and love you through the end of time.

Still your Knight


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