The Walk In

Sean Stone sat at the foot of a large fir tree looking out at the valley below. Many things had taken place in the last year that gave him many points to ponder. He had retired from the US Army a few years before and was more or less a free sprit to travel and do most anything he wanted. A marriage that had not worked out, the kids from it grown and gone on their own way.

The war in Viet Nam was well underway when Sean got drafted into the Army. He didn't think he would stay, but at the end of his tour he didn't have any place to go or a home to return to, so he just stayed on. Then after the Gulf War he found himself feeling as though he had stayed too long and it was time to get out of the service and move on.

So Sean returned to civilian life and a question, What am I going to do now. First stop, go back to school and learn something that can be put to use in civilian life. This didn't work out, so he hit the road. First one town and then the other looking for a place where he could feel as if he belonged.

He had stopped in a small town in Washington state when he saw an ad in a newspaper, the ad read wanted ranch hand someone to care for a few head of horses and mow the grass on a small gentleman type ranch.

Sounded to him like a good place to spend some time so he called the number in the paper and made an appointment for an interview for the job.

When Sean pulled up in front of the ranch house he thought it a little odd the gardens he could see had a very oriental style to them, kind of out of place with the old two story white house he was walking up to. He knocked on the door and waited shortly a nice looking woman that looked to be in her late forties or early fifties opened the door. She said"you must be the man here to apply for the job, I'm the owner of this place, Sky Andre please come in."

That had been the start of it over a year ago. It shortly turned out that Sean and Sky both had an interest in far eastern religions. Sean took the job, but more than that Sean and Sky became close friends. One day shortly after Sean took the job Sky turned to him as they were feeding the horses and said"it's funny I feel as if I have known you before, we both seem to know the others thoughts and feelings with out any words being spoken."

Now he sat on the hill overlooking the ranch, confused but knowing more than he had ever known before. He and Sky had been going to meetings in town on past life regression and self hypnosis. He thought it a little off base to his way of thinking but he always tried to keep an open mind on all things and would sit down and listen to anyone's ideas. Just because he sat and talked to you about something didn't mean he totally believed in it. But he had an unsatiable curiosity and was always interested in new ideas.

At the last meeting Sky had purchased a set of tapes on self hypnosis, relaxation and meditation.

Sean walked to the barn to take a short rest, the day was hot and it had been long. He walked into the office and saw the tape player was on but not running. He checked it out and saw the tape had run to the end and stopped. He ran the tape back, pressed play, got a cold drink and sat down. Instead of the normal country music tape, there was a relaxation tape on the machine. So he left it as is and sat down to listen. All at once he found himself looking across a large grassy area. At the other side was a large house or palace with a group of people waiting in the garden area. Now Sean found himself flying across the open area and right inside the body of one of the people standing there. At once he knew the person was him, in another place and time. The people around him he knew, then he noticed some of the people here are also with him in the present. He thinks to himself "I am in the garden that is outside of my home. There are many people here today for my marriage. I'm getting married! There is no music, there is a hush over the crowd with a child's voice being heard from time to time.

A lady that looks like Sky is coming down the path, my heart jumps and skips a beat. I'm thinking to myself as she comes closer, this is my love. She is so beautiful, her light brown hair is pulled back from her face and hangs down her back. She has made herself a halo for her head out of small white flowers. Her face simply shines. I have loved her so long and yet I have never seen her look so beautiful. The dress she wears is long and flowing behind her. Two small girls carry the ends. The dress is blue, not light but the color of a very deep lake, more purple than blue. She is closer now and it's as though in my thoughts I'm talking only to her. You wear no vale, you walk toward me, you are the only person in the world I can see. In my heart I'm yours for now and all time. Never could God make anything more beautiful than you. A true Lady with class and grace. I shall never be happy looking upon another women's face. Then you are standing by my side. My beautiful Lady. I have a feeling that this has happened before, pass over me. It's as if she and I have always been together. Then the wedding begins. As I say my vows I know without a doubt I have said them to her before. I get such strong feelings of deja vu, my knees are week and I have a hard time standing. I can only hear myself saying the words written below.

My Lady I kneel now before you.

The reflection of my love I see in your eyes.

The love I have for you knows no bounds.

I pledge myself and my love to you, and to cherish you for all time.

I shall protect you from all harm real and imaginary now and forever.

My life is yours to do with as you please, I would gladly if asked, lay it at your feet.

For you are everything, the world and more to me.

With out you I could not go on, I would have no desire to live.

My sword and arm that hold it are yours to control, my lands we now share.

Today a white rose for you, will be added to our crest next to my red.

The swords shall now point down, to express the gentleness in you.

From today forward the crest shall depict us and shall be ours no longer just mine.

I do now pledge to love and protect you as my only love for now and through all times.

To stand by you in all you desire and do, my wish is to simply love you forever.

Take now my hand for in it you find my heart, please keep and cherish its love forever.

Sean at once found himself back in the present time. He is on his knees in the middle of the floor and was reaching out with his hand to someone that wasn't there. He called out her name as tears run down his face, all he knew is he wanted to be in that time not this. He was still talking to himself still repeating the vow and thinking as though he were in the other time. Slowly he came totally back to the present. He felt tired, more tired than he had ever been. The rest of the day he took it as easy as he could. He was alone at the ranch, Sky had gone to visit a friend for a few days. That night Sean went to bed early, still feeling tired from the day. Still the happening of the afternoon troubled him, but he was soon fast asleep. Panic, fright a feeling as if he couldn't get any air. He was awake, the clock was chiming three AM. The thoughts that came were, such a strange body, I'm not used to the weight, should have been smaller. "What is going on"Sean thought as he tried to get out of bed. He fell on his face, he was so dizzy he couldn't stand up. Then he had a really weird thought, the thought was more as a knowing forming deep inside. Your old self has gone back to another time, A new self is standing in while you are gone.

Sean lay in bed not knowing what to think of the goings on. The sun was well up before he tried to get out of bed again. This time he made it, walking was a little hard but he managed to make it through the day. It occurred to him maybe he just had a funny dream or case of the flu or something and it would shortly go away.

Sean decided he should take a trip to town and talk to a doctor about this problem. Maybe he'd had a stroke and needed some help. The doctor sat and listened, then smiled. He thanked Sean for not calling him in the middle of the night with his problem. He told Sean a case of displacement is what he had experienced and not to worry. He said doctors didn't understand or know what caused it, but it caused a lot of people to think they were having a stroke.

The next day Sky returned home. Sean went out to meet her and felt as if she was someone he had known sometime before not now, still there seemed to be another persons face imposed over hers. The face of the lady in the dream. That night they had to go to a meeting in town for the local co-op. When they got there Sean found many of the people he knew appeared to be strangers to him. He still had this strange feeling that he was in a place he didn't belong.

Three weeks went by and slowly Sean had gained more control of his body. He could walk and sit down without getting dizzy. Sky had made plans to go to another meeting in town, Sean didn't want to go but he went along anyway. The meeting was another in the series on the self hypnosis tapes. The meeting had been going for only a short time when the person in charge played a video on self hypnosis and centering the mind.

Sean looked around, two women were standing next to him, he was no longer in the room full of people, but found himself standing alone with the women. Sean somehow seemed to understand both were the same woman, but each from another time. Each in turn would hold out her hand reaching for his, seeming to ask, come with me. One woman was dressed in an old fashion dress, it hung down to the floor with long sleeves and a high lace Collar. The other looked and dressed like any modern day lady going out for the evening, Sean thought she looked very much like Sky. Confusion, then he knew which way he had to go and understood why. At once he was dizzy and couldn't stand or sit up, then he was back in the room.

People were gathered around him, he was kneeling on the floor crying. Sean kept repeating over and over I'm back, I'm back.

On the drive back to the ranch very little was said, Sky drove and would look over at Sean from time to time, questions in her eyes but said nothing.

The next day Sean was building fence down by the creek when Sky walked up and sat down under a large willow tree. She just sat there as if waiting for him to make a decision. Shortly he walked over and sat down. She spoke first " you know you are much more than just the man I hired to work on this ranch, in fact I find myself in the position that I don't think I want to live without you. But I think I need to know what is going on when you get ready to tell me."Sean just sat there looking at his hands, again tears started to run down his face as he took her hand. "You know" he said " I feel the same about you, in fact I feel as if I have known you in another time and place. Now I will tell you what has happened or seemed to have happened to me in the past month. I must start with a book I read many years ago. I always thought it was a big joke that some of the things they talked about in the book couldn't happen. The name of the book is Walk In. What seems to have happened to me is my soul or spirt or what ever you want to call it left me and returned to another time where it felt it belonged. When it left here another soul that wanted to use my body moved in and kept the body animated. It seems the soul that moved in wanted to help me and to be close to some of the people I'm currently around. It's like it was overseeing the well being of all of us. Then at the meeting the other night the soul that had gone back to another time returned. You see I found out you must be who you are now, not who you have been or who you will be. The person my soul went back to be with was not there, they had move forward and were here. The same as I have moved forward and belonged here not there. Sean told Sky about the experience in the barn office where it seemed he returned to another time and place. He then related another story that had come to him about the same lady in the same time.

I remember a time she came to stand watch with me.

The night is dark and cold. Rain is falling as we stand and look out into the darkness. Once in awhile lighting flashes and the sky trembles like a thousand cannons. I have night watch on the tower of the south gate, just what I needed to be out here tonight with my young wife down below in our quarters. When not to long ago she was a new bride. I smile to myself when I remember how beautiful she looked on our wedding day. I hear the ladder creak, someone is coming up to the guard post, I smile it's her, we stand arms around each other looking out into the dark each lost in their own thoughts.

Now I seem to have memories of two souls, mine and the one that was here for a short time taking up space in my body. Although the memories of the other one seem to be fading fast. I do know Sky it was you that brought me back. There was a part of you in sprit holding out your hand asking me to return, come back to the place I belong. The other woman was someone whom you once were, someone I once loved very much and to whom I thought I wanted to return. I found out I have moved beyond that time and no longer belong there. Here is were I belong with you, not with someone whom you were and can never be again."

Now Sean just sits there holding Sky's hand waiting for some kind of understanding and reply. But how he thinks can she understand this when he doesn't understand it himself? Sky gets up still holding his hand and walks toward the house. When they reach the house Sky goes to her desk and picks up her diary, turning she hands it to Sean. "Look back to the day you came out here looking for a job and read it" she said. Sean thumbed back through the book and found the day he had first come to the ranch. Then he read about what he thought was their first meeting.

March 23

Today a man came out to apply for the job. As I sat and talked to him there seemed to be flashes of another face over his, it's as though I have known him before but somehow he is different. I gave him the job. He is to show up and move in the bunkhouse tomorrow. Funny I feel very safe around him.

March 24

The new man moved in today. Seems to have a good way with the horses. Watched as he moved in still have the strange feeling I have known him before.

March 25

Last night the strangest dream, I found myself in another place and time. The new hired man is there also but in the dream I know him very well. He is down in the dirt with a bad sword wound in his right shoulder. I'm screaming at the men around him to get him inside now, get him inside now. They pick him up and carry him to a room where I sit and tend to his shoulder. Very strange dream. Something even stranger. This morning when he was feeding the horses he stopped and rubbed his right shoulder, said it started to hurt during the night.

March 26

I think I'm about to go mad. Again a dream with the new man his name is Sean but that's not what I call him in my dreams. We are young people standing on the edge of a high wall somewhere looking out at the night in a storm. We have our arms around each other, I feel very safe here. Then my dream jumps and I'm in a bed, he is sitting there holding my hand with tears running down his face. I tell him don't be sad one of us had to go first, you always felt it would be you but as it turns out it's me.

March 27

Slept good last night no dreams. Need to think about those dreams some.

Sky reaches over and takes the diary from Sean, folds it and puts it away. For a lone moment they just sit and look at each other. Then they start to smile and then laugh. "Could it be we did live together in another time and if so how many other times" said Sean. Sky doesn't say a word she just takes his hand and walks out on the patio to watch the sun setting over the green mountains that surround them. Arms around each other, lost in their own thoughts. Two people in the late summer of their life come together, feelings of deja vu fill them. And the answer, yes they have been here before, together! they are now where they belong.

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